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Our College Planning Services use FREEDOMFLEX® to accumulate the money needed to pay for a child's education and offers a comprehensive College Planning Service for your clients.

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Our College Planning Division (CPD) provides college planning services for your clients. The CPD pays close attention to the needs and desires of each student and customizes a personal planner for each student. Features that are available for college students of any age include:

  1. A Personal Planner filled with important information.
  2. Review of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), to determine accuracy and thoroughness.
  3. A scholarship search, using a rapid online service to determine all the scholarships that your student matches, for possible awards.
  4. The College/Career Exploration will assist the student in deciding on the appropriate college, based on specific needs and desires of the student.
  5. Assistance in locating grants.
  6. An 800 number Hot Line that accesses a financial aid counselor.

If you have clients who see a college education in their children’s future, one of the most precious gifts they can give their children is the opportunity to attend college and receive the training and higher education that they will need to succeed in the high pressure world we live in. The ever increasing costs associated with attending college, and the idea of being able to afford it, makes college a seemingly unattainable dream.

Why do your clients need college planning services when there is nothing involved that they can’t do for themselves? It is true that one can complete this entire process themselves. The catch is, will your client do it? Do they have the resources at hand to research the answers to all their questions? Do they have the expertise to understand and assimilate all the information that is available to them? More importantly, do they have the time required to accomplish these things in a timely manner, in order to meet deadlines?

The CPD was established to provide assistance to your clients in all areas of the college planning experience. Using life insurance with a death benefit to insure that money will be there to allow a student to finish college, a cash accumulation vehicle to let money grow for future use and the CPD to provide needed assistance is clearly a valuable asset.

ISM is happy to be in the position to help parents and students achieve their educational goals. A college education is one of the most valuable assets available today. It is definitely best to allow an expert to assist your clients in their effort to achieve it for their children’s future.