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Tustin, California 92780

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Focus Areas:

  1. Wealth Accumulation

  2. College Planning



Our History

Interstate Specialty Marketing, Inc. (ISM) began in 1983 as traditional life insurance marketing company providing traditional life products. Our philosophy is that unique products and customized services can be used in niche marketing and agency building.

Our mission

Our mission is to help Americans achieve financial independence at retirement and to assist in their family's educational needs through the continued development of a nationally based financial sales and service company, whose pursuit of excellence is advanced by a corporate culture focused on continued success. The foundation of that success is a people oriented environment in which Managers, Producers and Clients are highly valued, treated with respect and dignity, and considered in all plans and strategies.

What we have become

Although we began as a traditional life insurance marketing company providing traditional life products, we created our own innovative products and developed an administrative system--both of which are still unrivaled in the industry today. In doing so, we began a trend in the insurance and financial service business which many have attempted to copy, but have been unable to sustain. ISM is unique in its ability to enjoy long term success and viability in an ever-changing industry.

Going forward

Today, ISM continues to expand its unique products and services to compliment its cornerstone product, FREEDOMFLEX®. The combination of customized products and services, along with agent and client oriented support systems, make ISM a one of a kind specialty marketing organization, helping people achieve financial security.