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Mortgage Terminator with


Your clients can use FREEDOMFLEX® to slay the "monster in their mortgage": interest payments. Using FREEDOMFLEX® to pay off a mortgage sooner can save your clients literally hundreds of thousands of dollars.

ff Mortgage Terminator Brochure

Your clients can use FREEDOMFLEX® to own their home free and clear at a specified time sooner than their amortized mortgage is scheduled for pay off. Our software lets you design a customized proposal to your client's specific needs and wants. Paying off their home means less money paid in interest to the big banks over the life of a typical 30-year mortgage. When your client has accumulated enough wealth with FREEDOMFLEX®, they can pay off their mortgage in a lump sum with the money in their FREEDOMFLEX® plan. After they pay off their mortgage with the lump sum, they will begin adding the amount they were paying for their monthly mortgage payment to their FREEDOMFLEX® plan, which will now accumulate the wealth they desire for retirement.