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Wealth Accumulation with


Saving for retirement has never been easier for your clients. With Wealth Accumulation with FREEDOMFLEX®, your clients can obtain a financially sound retirement, as well as the peace of mind of knowing that in the case of premature death or disability they are covered by a term to age 100 life insurance certificate/policy.


Your clients accumulate wealth using FREEDOMFLEX® by setting aside and maintaining a comfortable monthly contribution and letting time and compounding go to work. This reasonable monthly contribution provides a host of benefits. First, your clients, and their families, are protected in case of premature death or disability so that no matter what happens they’re still able to save for the future. Second, a portion of their monthly premium is placed in a wealth accumulation vehicle of their choice. These options include the guaranteed Flexible Premium Annuity Rider, a no-load, no fee mutual fund, or nearly any other option they want, but whatever their choice the key is that they have decided to start “paying themselves first”. Over time, this regular manageable monthly amount grows and gains so that by the time your client is ready to retire and enjoy the good life he or she will be comfortable and financially secure.

Product features and rates may vary by state. Product is not available in Alaska, Missouri, Montana, New York and North Dakota.