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The ISM Opportunity

Research from McKinsey & Co. finds that the average American family will face a savings gap of $250,000 at the time of retirement. Even with payments from Social Security and pensions, as well as personal savings in 401(k) and other retirement plans, the average family will have only about two-thirds of the income it will need!

It's no secret that these are difficult economic times. But difficult times always bring with them big opportunities. We all know that Social Security is bankrupt, Medicare is bankrupt, and companies are dropping their 401ks and their pension plans. This is leaving the largest segment of our population, the average American worker and the self employed ages 20 to 55, to plan for their own financial security and retirement. There are over 127 million people in this group. Ninety percent make less than $125,000 and do not have large sums of money to save or invest. Newsline reported: "Small investors get no respect on Wall Street". Investment companies and financial planners don’t pay attention to this group. Why? They don't have large sums of money to invest. What are they to do? The American Associations of Government and Private Employees recently surveyed its members about financial security. Here is what they said they want:

A simple to start, easy to keep, and easy to understand plan!

  1. Affordable!
  2. Have favorable tax consequences!
  3. High growth rates with a mixture of guarantees!
  4. Plan must tell them how much money they need at retirement and how much they must save to achieve their goal!
  5. Plan must self complete in the event of death, critical illness or disability!

We at ISM have a solution. The difference is FREEDOMFLEX®, a mixture of high guarantees and super growth rates. There is no other product like FREEDOMFLEX® in the insurance or financial industry. Selling FREEDOMFLEX® could be "A DIFFERENCE MAKING OPPORTUNITY" for you.

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  3. Exclusive product
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  7. Our commission system pays both advances and earnings. You can get 5 checks a month.
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