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What Makes Us Different

Unlike the rest of the insurance industry, we are not hiring or contracting in the masses. In other words, we are not a brokerage operation or an agency that will contract anyone and everyone, and we are not a captive company. A few key distinctions between ISM and others:

  1. Our market is 127 million people strong. It is an untapped market that no other companies are contacting. See the ISM Opportunity. We hire managers for exclusive geographical territories and then hire a few agents to work with the manager in each territory.
  2. Our core product, FREEDOMFLEX®, is a unique product that no other company has, so it is impossible for clients to shop. FREEDOMFLEX® was designed exclusively for our market.
  3. Many of our full-time managers make over $200,000 and many of our agents make approximately $100,000.
  4. We have an exclusive lead system for your territory that will be under your control.
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