ISM can help you:

  • 1. Generate revenue through new business opportunities with new and existing clients.
  • 2. Enhance commission opportunities in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Enhance positioning with clients by:

  • 1. Solving more of their problems
  • 2. Offering them more services
  • 3. Making them more aware of their exposures
  • 4. Increase client retention

Key Sales Tools

From making initial contact to closing the deal, we equip you with tools you need to be successful. We provide strategies to sell, such as Cash Accumulation, College Planning Services, and Mortgage Terminator. Our material gives you the foundation necessary to be successful.

Our experience and our partners allow us to offer a variety of benefits to you. We negotiate and place coverage in a variety of areas so that we can offer access to markets you may not have and the opportunity to transact business you may not currently be transacting.

Know How

Our negotiating and problem solving skills enable us to help you deliver the best value to your clients, and we can assist on the interface to strategize a complex deal. We work respective of your organization and can be an enhancement to your operation, not as a replacement. Our services can assist agents that are new to the industry, as well as experienced agents and brokers.

Competitive Commissions

ISM's commission hierarchy structure provides multiple commission levels and can accommodate agency-building requirements, including levels needed for managing lead programs. There is also an additional level for Marketing Organizations which can bring $1 million of paid annualized premium production to ISM. Our contracts for Marketing Organizations, Agency Builders, and Producers are among the highest in the industry. ISM's Referral Bonus Program is one of a kind. Exclusive territories and markets are also available with qualifying production. ISM's commission structure also provides for a weekly advance system. Business that is received by Monday and processed that week is usually advanced on Thursday and paid on Friday. Organizations or individuals which have special circumstances may have a special commission system designed to fit their needs. Be sure and ask about our marketing fee bonus.




ISM has been in business for more than 35 years

What Makes Us Different

Unlike others in the industry, we are not hiring or contracting in the masses. In other words, we are not a brokerage operation or an agency that will contract anyone and everyone, and we are not a captive company.

Our market is 127 million people strong. It is a market that many other companies aren’t contacting. We hire managers for exclusive geographical territories and then hire a few agents to work with the manager in each territory.

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